Star64: a first benchmark
In these days, I play around with different kernel configs and patches. While doing so, I collected data about the star64's speed.

Build time Fishwaldo's kernel 5.15.107:

$ make pine64_star64_defconfig
$ time make -jX Image modules starfive/jh7110-pine64-star64.dtb


$ make ARCH=riscv CROSS_COMPILE=riscv64-linux-gnu- pine64_star64_defconfig
$ time make -jX ARCH=riscv CROSS_COMPILE=riscv64-linux-gnu- Image modules starfive/jh7110-pine64-star64.dtb

Star64 4 cores (armbian 23.05, gcc 12.02.0) DOB 2023 - $130

-j1: real 214m51.028s    user 201m28.062s    sys 12m31.241s
-j2: real 112m56.549s    user 211m41.069s    sys 12m18.304s
-j3: real  79m05.656s    user 222m08.494s    sys 12m28.384s
-j4: real  67m08.530s    user 241m20.833s    sys 13m57.011s

Lenovo G510 laptop i7-4700 2.4GHz 4 cores (8 threads) (debian 12, gcc 12.02.0) DOB 2014 - $754

-j1: real  50m59.833s    user  46m39.686s    sys  4m14.694s
-j4: real  13m41.123s    user  49m35.922s    sys  4m22.633s

[we would probably get a little bit more when utilizing threads]

Apple imac7 desktop core2 extreme X7900 2 cores 2.8GHz (debian 12, gcc 12.02.0) DOB 2007, $10 from craigslist

-j1: real  70m26.178s    user  63m19.755s    sys  6m34.567s
-j2: real  41m11.000s    user  67m12.281s    sys  7m27.264s

We have it that a 9 year old laptop is 4.91 times faster than the star64 and a 16 year old desktop is is 1.63 times faster than the star64 (real time on max number of cores).

Note, that is the OOB (out of box) experience for most of us. The star64 should be faster with additional investments for eMMC or NvME drives.

As of today, the graphics experience is quite frustrating, see That should eventually change.

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