Pinecil v2 power cycles at higher voltages?
Just got a v2, and love it. When I run it off of a 20w USB power supply at 9v (over USB-C) or 12v (with USB-C to DC), it runs fine. However, I have two USB power supplies that it can negotiate 20v with (with the DC cable, natch). One of them is a 100w, so it negotiates 20v/5a, and works fine. The other one is a 65w, so it negotiates 20v/3.25a, and once I hit the + to start it warming up, it blinks just for a second, power cycles, and dumps me back to the main menu. 

Seeing as it runs fine negotiating 9v/2a on a 20w channel, and 20w/5a on a 100w channel, I'm not sure why it's choking on 20v/3.25a. This is on the latest stable IronOS firmware, v2.20, with no changes to default settings other than fast scrolling and blinking temp during cooldown. Any ideas?

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Pinecil v2 power cycles at higher voltages? - by clemon79 - 03-14-2023, 03:10 PM

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