Change the forum's software to Discourse
Every month or two someone new comes along asking for the forum to be "upgraded" to Discourse.

The thing is the current software might not be "flavour of the month" but it works, it is functional. And there is always new forum software that is "the future" or "best available for the next decade" or takes the place of the previous "flavour of the month". And then the cycle starts again i.e. "Please upgrade to XYZ".
FYI, the latest version of Discourse that the Manjaro forum has deployed today does not even support QtWebEngine 5.15 LTS anymore, so the latest versions of Falkon and Angelfish get served with the crippled read-only noscript website and a request to upgrade the browser (which is not possible, it is already the latest version). (Workaround.)

Just say no to the browser upgrade treadmill.

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