Pine Phone Pro audio on phone calls: discussion, support and tips
2023 Dec 11 - Danctnix Arch with Phosh [SOVLED]

I did an update "sudo pacman -Syu" and people told me my phone calls sound like I am on a freight train.

BEFORE update 
  cset "name='ADC Capture Volume' 160"
  cset "name='Mono ADC Capture Volume' 160"

AFTER update to fix voice calls
  cset "name='ADC Capture Volume' 0"
  cset "name='Mono ADC Capture Volume' 0"

*I use the internal speaker, not the "speaker" button*
Yes after megis 6.5something things have changed and audio is routing differently.

What mikehenson wrote is correct answer for a super dirty nearly usable workaround. It is still best option what you can do easily...

Fun thing is that when you set:
cset "name='ADC Capture Volume' 0"
(in /usr/share/alsa/ucm2/PinePhonePro/VoiceCall.conf)
You are settings the microphone to 0 - so it should be completely silent.
While it sill too loud (you can use it yes but the receiver will definately hear you because it really is loud)

For eveyrones information this does not actually do anything:
  cset "name='Mono ADC Capture Volume' 0"
You can put any value you want there but it does not do anything in voice calls Big Grin
I have recently installed the newest (12/22) edge version of pmOS and the mic is no longer working on phone calls. Calls were working fine for roughly the last year. I am wondering what has changed. It would be nice to know how megi's new kernel has changed the audio routing. My audio does not sound like a freight train. It is simply quiet. Sounds like this is different from what is being described by mikehenson.

edit: My ADC Capture Volume is set to 160 in /usr/share/alsa/ucm2/PinePhonePro/VoiceCall.conf.
I outlined my experience in a different thread as I thought I was doing something wrong.

The TL;DR is that on Danctnix Arch linux-megi-6.7.7 with GNOME Calls, I couldn't seem to adjust any of the values to make the mic not sound overblown, everything on 0.
running kali, no sound phone or media unless i send to bluetooth earpieces, but no sound from phone even through the headset. Havent had time to reallydig into it, but saw an article suggesting uninstall & purge pulse-audio install alsa, then reinstall just the pulse-audio apt package. will see if i can find thst again
(12-04-2022, 01:29 PM)apink Wrote: Over the last week I have run both pmOS with sxmo  and the most recent mobian.  With both I am able to hear audio from the incoming call reasonably. 

With mobian (mobian-phosh-20221204) I am able to get outgoing sound to work if I use a headset with a microphone.  When I use  mobian without a headset, the sound level from the ppp mic is not high enough for outgoing sound even though the level in settings for the microphone under "phone mode" is at 100%.

With pmOS (20221125-1409-postmarketOS-edge-sxmo-de-sway) the outgoing sound is dominated by white-noise-ish static.  This is the case for me both with a headset microphone and with the ppp microphone.  The mics will pick up some signal from voice, but it is not usable for communication.

I have the community-developed modem firmware installed.

Could you provide advice on improving outgoing sound quality with pmOS (sxmo) and Mobian? I'm facing low microphone volume on Mobian without a headset and white noise issues on pmOS, even after installing community-developed modem firmware.

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