Fedora 37 installation
I tried following this guide with Fedora 38, and it seems to have mostly worked (including two error messages about efi problems), but the /loader/entries/ folders for the fedora37.conf do not exist in the boot directory you specified.

Do you think something changed in Fedora 38 or does anyone know how to configure the installation to correctly boot with tow-boot?

I tried restarting without modifying the boot directory and not very surprisingly it fails.

Edit: I also noticed that the Fedora38 ARM live image didn't recognize any wifi device.
Installing it via the Fedora 38 ARM raw image worked. Needed to add the Wifi firmware, but that works too now.

The only problem I have is that there is no sound, neither from the speakers nor headphones. The strange thing is though that the soundcard seems to be detected fine and everything in the GUI looks like it should be working... but no audible sound output at all.
Did you try changing volume levels, ... using `alsamixer`?
Actually I had to unmute ("m" button in alsamixer) the left and right headphone mixer DAC for the speakers to work.

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