Fedora 33 to 34 upgrade issues
PineBook Pro still has Manjaro on its internal "disk".
I have Fedora 33 installed on a 64GB uSD card 
(that mostly runs OK -- Shutdown does not turn machine off)

Today, I followed these instructions to upgrade from Fedora 33 to 34.
It appeared to work OK.

How to upgrade from 33 to 34 (in place):
  NOTE:  Some of these steps take many minutes (appears system is hung)
su -
dnf --refresh upgrade
dnf install dnf-plugin-system-upgrade --best
dnf system-upgrade download --refresh --releasever=34
    ... takes a long time to download 3399 packages
dnf system-upgrade reboot
    ... takes a long time to install 3399 packages
su -
rpm --rebuilddb
dnf distro-sync --setopt=deltarpm=0
dnf install rpmconf
rpmconf -a

    ... above plus these:
su -
dnf update
dnf repoquery --unsatisfied
dnf repoquery --duplicates
dnf list extras

That last command lists several packages, but the one I am worried about is:
and perhaps:

The Dolphin file manager works OK.
System settings works OK.

But, firefox has issues.
  It starts and has a window with a title, but the main window is transparent;
  in that I see the desktop
Also, emacs has issues.
  Starting it from the desktop icon acts the same as firefox -- transparent window.

From a Konsole, starting either "emacs &" or "firefox &", I see warning from Gtk
that "window_decorations.css" is missing.
On the login screen, on the bottom left is as option to pick the Desktop Session. My system was in Plasma(Wayland). I switched to Plasma(X11) and that fixed my problems. So, I still do not know what the real problem is, but I have a workaround.
(11-20-2021, 09:00 AM)tydeman Wrote: On the login screen, on the bottom left is as option to pick the Desktop Session.  My system was in Plasma(Wayland).  I switched to Plasma(X11) and that fixed my problems.  So, I still do not know what the real problem is, but I have a workaround.

Hello, I can confirm the problem with Wayland since Fedora35.


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