Need to re-write U-boot from Pinephone pro currently in mass rom mode
Hi All;
I was trying to flash my emmc on Pinephone Pro and by mistake I erased instead my U-boot. I used an sd-card for the day and once the battery was drained the phone went into mass rom mode and I can no longer power it on.
After recharging the battery from a power station I tried to switch it on unsuccessfully. I tried as well the recovery mode (using the RE button on the back and it would work).
I can no longer see the device when running the lsblk command. However I see the rockship in mass rom mode when I run the lsusb command from my linux labtop.

I read few instruction and a script provided by the rkdeveloptool-master to flash the memory and see if I can copy across a new bin file (rk3399_loader_spinor_v1.15.114.bin) and from there being able to move out of the mass rom mode and use again the sd card. It was not successful.

I was wondering if there is U-boot image available that I can use and how can I copy it across to my phone memory since I am still on mass rom mode. I guess there are 2 questions in 1:
a) how to move out of the mass rom mode
b) How to reinstall the Uboot in my Pinephone Pro

Thank you.
You are in wrong forum section,,
this is pineBOOKpro,, go down (in forum) to pine PHONE section

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