Audio Stuttering Issue
I have been daily driving the PPP for just over a month and most of the issues I initially found have been resolved. However, the audio output when I play music seems to be a persistent issue. (I am running Manjaro-ARM with KDE Plasma Version 5.25.5) The EMMC was flashed with this, so its likely not a factory software issue.

The music is from an SD card and when played on other devices (including the PPP with certain restrictions -see below) works just fine.

Following this thread's advice,  , I chose to change the config file in /etc/pulse/daemon.conf  to have
realtime-priority = 9
This made no difference (at least that I noticed)
Another thread,  ,suggested lowering the volume to 50%. This completely removed the stuttering issue, and I have been able to get away with practically no stuttering at 65%.

In short, I'm wondering if anyone has found a permanent solutions to this issue or if this could just be a power management issue from the hardware.

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