Any chance of fixing the audio issues on the new batch PBP(it can't be just me...)
Hello all,

Two issues with audio on PBP that I see no way out of:
- the audio jack: when plugging in headphones with a TRRS plug - the mic is not detected, only the speaker function(someone on discord told me it might be related to alsa ucm2 - maybe because there is only a "High fidelity audio" profile available or something like that?)
- The internal mic picks up a TON of noise, messing around with the controls in alsa can reduce the noise, make it almost functional. If the audio jack mic would work then this is almost a non-issue, I do not want to use the integrated mic anyway.

I tried a bunch of distros - armbian, manjaro, arch(still working on it), kali - none of them have a properly working audio system.

Am I missing something obvious? Could my audio jack just be poorly wired or something?

Also the popping and the hissing of the audio.... that has been reported by other users as well. I dealt with it by disabling suspend and switching to headphones(even if disconnected).

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