PBP booting but stops at flashing power led
Sorry, I guess I was unclear
ALL compression programs have a test parameter,,,,,zip -T some.zip
Because a flipped bit makes the zip useless
(or gzip -t some.gz)
OR,, you could try balenera etcher OR another image OR dd
(rather than gnome disks,, actually sounds more like an error with gnome disks)
Thinking a little more, probably etcher wouldn't work since I think it only does whole disk writes, not partition writes
Partitions on the eMMC: 32M | 480M | 4,5G

I copied several large zip files to the third partition and verified them using "zip -T <file name>". They were all fine.

I ran "fsck /dev/sda1" and "fsck /dev/sda2" to check the second and third partition on the eMMC. There were failures shown on both and they were fixed. Booting the PBP again resulted in blinking orange-green power LED.

I flashed Manjaro ARM xfce for PBP using dd command "dd if=<manjaro> of=/dev/sda bs=4M status=progress" and checked the second and third partition with fsck which did not show any failures. PBP booted to orange-green power LED.

It looks like the uboot runs fine and then the Linux OS booting process stops. Is there anything else you can think of to verify that the eMMC has a defect?
fsck should (if errors are found) be run twice or more (fsck -f (force)),,
until it returns no errors at all
Maybe, just to verify the emmc,,,,, dd old-emmc -> new-emmc
I think you said old emmc boots ? just no wiFi
It took me some time but now I did another intense session to get the PBP going.

I tried to save and copy the old eMMC data to the new eMMC. But this always ends in an io error. I also executed fsck before and after flashing the new eMMC and did try many different ARM distros for the PBP. To me, it looks like the eMMC is somehow damaged.

In addition, booting the PBP from SD card sometimes works and sometimes doesn't - with the identical SD card and linux installation on it. It makes the PBP hard to debug...

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