RockPro64 Debian xrdb -- problem connecting
Hi all:  I did a search on xrdb for this group and came up empty before I posted.  Did a cursory search of other groups in PINE64.   I did find some information. I have installed xrdb and tigervnc.  I tried xrdb with windows10 remtoe desktop connection was not successful. I have a RockPro64 with Debian installation.  I installed everything about 3 days ago, so my guess is that I have the latest Rockpro64 version of Debian installed.

If there is previous post on how to configure Debian + RockPro64 and use windows 10 to remote log into rockpro64 please direct me to the post.  My guess is many of you are doing this, and I am just not configuring things correctly. 

The error messages I get are :
sending login info to session manager, please wait...
login successful for display 11
VNC started connecting
VNC connecting to 5911
VNC error - problem connection
some problem

Thanks in advance, and please excuse me if I missed an answer to this post already.   


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