Struggle to install LibreOffice on the PinePhone
I can t say that Abiword and Gnumeric is a proper alternative, rather I can  say that I managed to install Abiword and Gnumeric on my PinePhone, but only a buggy version of LibreOffice to this date. I first need to test alaraajavammas flashpak instruction until I can confirm it . But if someone manages to tinker LibreOffice for the PinePhone so that it is usable I would be very happy about it. Abiword and Gnumeric development has stopped about 10 years ago, I suppose because of LibreOffice, the initial release of LO was on 25 January 2011. But as alaraajavamma said Abiword and Gnumeric are currently usable on the PinePhone screen, but not LibreOffice.
LibreOffice installation on postmarketOS has become quicker. Not a month installation time required anymore, only one command line is sufficient now:

sudo apk add libreoffice

and it works. Thanks for updating it! Smile
I did a fresh install of postmarkedOS on my Pinephone and had to reinstall Aboword and Gnumeric. I received errors with both of these commands:

Sudo apk add Abiword

Sudo apk add Gnumeric 

Do I have to reeinter all the command of the 41 posts of this thread again to get LibreOffice, Abiword and Gnumeric back installed Angry .

Good look, this is not necessary. The above command works, but LibreOffice, Abiword and Gnumeric can be found in the Software app store of PostmarketOS and can be installed easily now. This can you save time compared to going through the steps in this thread.
LibreOffice Writer has become better since my first installation. I have installed it from the postmarketOS store. There are no issues with the menues anymore. It seems that someone has worked on it.

To use it with menues eventually only works with an external monitor. But I could open the customise tab without any problems with the shortkeys. Eventually it is possible to control LibreOffice Writer it fully with keyboard shortcuts?

It then has eventually not the issues with file format I experienced here with Abiword:

since LibreOffice Writer is the successor of Abiword, and Abiword developement has basically stopped 10 years ago.

Is LibreOffice Writer not easier to use than Emacs?

I could not find a better alternative for the Pinephone:
Happily LibreOffice is highly costumizable, so we can costumize LibreOffice for our Pinephone:
Abiword and Gnumeric are office mobile solutions for Pinephone beginners. But should a Pinephone not be able to do someting a bit more than an Android phone with for instance Softmaker Textmaker Planmaker and Presentations which are the best mobile office apps for it? 

LibreOffice is widely used on PCs and it works now also on the Pinephone, but it is not yet costumized for the Pinephone screen. I do not use the Pinephone for mobile office righ now. For me personally the Pinephone becomes again interesting for office mobile if someone has costumized LibreOffice for the Pinephone screen.
LibreOffice is somewhat customizable, but to get something anywhere near usable on a touch screen, you probably need to hide a lot of stuff from the UI (and change settings such as the toolbar button size in the general Preferences dialog). With the physical keyboard (or even keyboard and mouse) and with a zoom factor 1 or less (instead of the default 2), it may be workable, but for standard smartphone use, it probably needs a completely rewritten UI.

If someone has a customized interface that is sorta workable, it may be helpful to share those customizations (the config files, though they may be very specific to the particular version of LibreOffice), as the result is probably better than nothing, but I expect a complete solution to require a lot of programming, not just clicking through the customization dialogs.
But is this solution still no better than Emacs on the Pinephone as TRS80 suggested? Emac was released in 1976:

I have used Textmaker and Planmaker on Android phones a lot. They are both touchable but I use those with a keyboard. These apps basically have the same functions of their desktop counter parts which is great.

This is the same with LibreOffice. We can use the original LibreOffice files without conversion on the Pinephone. Even if the whole user interface is thrown out of LibreOffice on the Pinephone as a first step and LibreOffice it is controlled completely by keyboard, is it not still better than using Emacs?

And as a first step it can also be a great opportunity for the Pinephone keyboard to unfold it’s full potential and to use every possible keyboard key for a LibreOffice function.

Or at least as a first step to through out everything that is disturbing on LibreOffice on the Pinephone to make it usable. And publish the settings file here in the forum to make out of it a community project. A sort of a reduced LibreOffice version for the Pinephone would be the result, but reduced is only the user interface.
May our efforts with LibreOffice on the Pinephone bear fruits at the LibreOffice developers:

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