Possible Free Backup Carrier for PinePhone
A long running concern I've had about the PP is that at some point phone carriers can drop service at any time as has happened previously.

Is the following a solution for not just messaging, but audio calls to others who've loaded the same software?


There is a non-TCP internet project called Reticulum that has some similarities to the low signal messenger Meshtastic, but Reticulum is much more versatile.

One of the newest features includes allowing for VOIP phone calls through Reticulum Meshchat:


Meshchat can make use of standard internet, wifi, and also the LORA Radio Nodes commonly used for Meshtastic.

PinePhone has a back plate accessory that comes with a built in LORA Radio Node:


Can this provide another use case for the back plate accessory?

It theoretically solves for the cumbersome LilyGo T-Beam Radio Node that needs to be connected via USB chord to droid phones for similar mesh networks.

How difficult is it to code Reticulum-Meshchat for PinePhone (preferably Arch Phosh for personal testing)?

Note: I don't know Python and lack the free time to learn to attempt this on my own.

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