likely bug, volte does not work when operator side data blockage is activated
likely bug, volte does not work when operator side data blockage is activated.

for these i assume lte only mode. my o.s. is manjaro/phosh with firmware.

because i have mi max 3 with custom android, which is based on android 11, i know that volte works with my operator regardless of is data on or off and both software button and operator side data blockage. (however, it could be possible that my operator has some issue with implementaion of volte and data block).

i tested my pinephone, if operator data blockage is activated, then volte does not work on pinephone. this is regardless, is software button data on or off. volte works if operator blockage is deactivated, and this is also regardless when software data on or off.

i have played with at commands and making calls with command line, my guess starting to be that bug is in the eg25-g chip.

how to i continue and where i report this?
it seems that something got messed up with my phone, another pinephone did not have this issue. i did some stuff around and manage to fix this. i still think something fishy is going on. essentially, volte works if operator's mobile data block is on. (operators sometimes implement mobile data block in a way that blocks volte).

if you have issues with volte, either partial of full, maybe you should reinitialize volte settings, even if they are default or set.


factory reset may help some extreme situations.

!!warning!! only use these if modem chip is seriously messed up!
needs to be used as bundle
AT+QPRTPARA=3  < Factory reset NVM items (careful, you may lose modem control!)
AT+QPRTPARA=1  < Save NVM items

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