Wrong pin (default manjaro install)
(05-03-2022, 09:14 AM)senorsmile Wrote:
(05-03-2022, 06:22 AM)fxc Wrote:
(05-01-2022, 12:35 PM)senorsmile Wrote: The device was working fine back in March when I first got it.  
I didn't use it at all in April and just charged the battery and booted it up again. 
It's saying "Wrong pin".  However, I'm 99.99% confident I'm inputting the right pin, since I make sure to use the same pin on all of my devices (and I have many for testing purposes).  

Has anyone else had this problem?  Are there clear instructions on how to do get root access, boot to single user mode (I imagine this isn't a think on the PPP) etc?

Reboot the device. If the issue persists you can simply reflash (or you can boot something else from microSD card and chroot into the eMMC installation and change the PIN with "passwd", if you want to go through all that trouble).

Perfect.  Rebooting didn't work so I'll get a distro onto an sd card and chroot in order to run passwd.

I found just yesterday that a simple "2" as pin did not work.  I could log in using ssh using "2" but as pin would not take. So i changed password/pin to 6 digits and now can use that as pin to wake up device. (I found this out cause last fall has received unit and used only with ssh for a week or two with that very simple one digit password/pin.  Resuming my attention to device yesterday i was confounded that I could not get past the pin prompt on front panel but could no problem connect with ssh.  So changed password to the 6 digit version on something of a whim and it worked.)

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