[question] how to restore PineTime to a factory state after flashing non-OTA/directly
what is the proper way to restore the PineTime state after flashing it using SWD flasher?  Huh

i noticed, that while flashing a pinetime-app (e.g. "pinetime-app-1.9.0.hex" or "bin" one) leads to the state where the InfiniTime works, 
but the PineTime can't reboots or be updated with OTA package with companion app: the OTA-update is transferring OK, InfiniTime dsplays "Image OK", but no reboot and installation happens.

from my understanding, flashing "pinetime-app" also erases the whole memory, and also the bootloader: on InfiniTime "About" screen it looks like "Bootloader 0.0.0".

however, flashing the InfiniTime 1.0.0 bootloader "reloader-mcuboot.zip" from this wiki page does nothing to make the PineTime work at all - just a black screen.
probably that one is supposed to be used only as an OTA update...

the only way to restore the device i found, looks really overcomplicated, and not sure if it's intended way.
so, steps that worked for me:

1) using SWD flasher, flash the "bootloader.hex"
from https://github.com/InfiniTimeOrg/pinetim...es/tag/RC1

2) wait for an old InfiniTime "triangular" boot loader

3) using Singlo on linux flash "pinetime-mcuboot-recovery-loader-dfu-0.14.1.zip" from this wiki page
for me neither Gadgetbridge nor nRF Connect were able to transfer the OTA image till the end.  

4) wait for several reboots...

5) using Singlo flash "pinetime-mcuboot-app-dfu-0.14.1.zip"

6) using Singlo or another app flash the latest "pinetime-mcuboot-app-dfu"

7) flash the latest bootloader "reloader-mcuboot.zip" from this wiki page
also, there is the page with bootloaders releases.

8) wait for several reboots...

9) check the "About" for "Bootloader 1.0.0" info

so, what's the proper/easy way to do that? 
how it's done on factory? by flashing with a single file?
Last time I flashed non-OTA I used https://github.com/lupyuen/pinetime-updater with a Pi - it looks like it's been kept mostly up to date although it could do with a PR for the InfiniTime 1.9.0 release a few days ago. I've not used it in over a year since OTA became stable and I glued the back on.
@JF002could you please advise on this?
hope i just overlooked this info... otherwise, it will be really useful to have such a guide on wiki.

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