Pine Phone Pro issues
Hello all,

I have bought a Pine Phone Pro and I am stuck from the beginning.

I updated the delivered manjaro to the latest version and played a bit and I am quite happy.

No w I was trying to install mobian to one of my SD cards but the only thing I get are read errors from the SD Cards slot as well as I/O Errors.

Okay, I spoke to the developers, go thre remark mayto change to two boots firmware.

Trying that getting everything ready on two different SD cards, Samsung and San Disk it also Failed to start with the RE button pressed as described.

Even booting into the working majaro gives me error when I try to write to the SD cards.

I have no further ideas anymore. Do you have any suggestion ?
It seems to me you have yet to have any SDcard in your PPP read reliably. I think forget about a new image or Tow-boot for now, but rather try debug the SDcard reader in Manjaro.

With a blank card in the SDcard slot, form Manjaro teminal what can you see? In logs, lsblk, sudo blkid etc?
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  • PinePhone Pro Explorer Edition, daily driver, rk2aw & U-boot on SPI, Arch/SXMO & Arch/phosh on eMMC
  • PinePhone BraveHeart now v1.2b 3/32Gb, Tow-boot with Arch/SXMO on eMMC
I would say don't go to long without reporting this to PINE64 support because this might be grounds for a refund and that warranty might expire if you aren't keeping an eye on it.
Thank you all the ticket is open for since 01 Mar 2022 08:25 AM and nothing came back for the last 15 Days.

The issue gets even more mysterious ... I can not format or modify the SD at all within the phone bootet on majaro.

Thank you all.

I will start another ticket for to get an exchange device or refund
Perhaps a problem with "Flashing" the sd cards ?

I am Tempted to purchase another Pro, just to help out the newcomers.

When I got this Pro, I tried the factory Manjaro for about an hour or so, and I really did NOT like it.
I downloaded a Pro version of Mobian and flashed it to an sd card, then used Mobian to wipe the emmc.

Since then I have been using Mobian on an sd card with just the "known problems", but it Does function.

The Problem is I did not keep track of all my steps, I just kinda ran through it.
*** ( I did not use the reset button )
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