Tow-Boot, a new U-Boot option for Pinephone Pro and other devices
(02-07-2022, 03:46 PM)tmschmitz Wrote: I guess I am used to looking like an idiot, so I just went ahead and blurted it out...

OK - found a "WIP" version here that has the spi-installer.img for the PPP and that works great for me.
(02-07-2022, 09:56 PM)lllsondowlll Wrote: ...

EDIT: And Tow-Boot has single handedly fixed suspend and wake from suspend on PinePhone Pro. This feels like Christmas, no more dead battery after a couple of hours.

Yeah-but (if you ever saw Little Britain ...) after resume on a (Pine64) RK3399, at the moment the sound is a mess! Another WIP without any patch that I know of yet Smile 

Seems the way Tow-boot make resume work is that it is on the SPI - so far the necessary condition to cause resume fail was having the "in-use" bootloader on the eMMC. Hypothetically it would be interesting to test SPI blank, Tow-boot and OS on eMMC. Probably would fail to resume as, at heart, Tow-boot is just a U-boot wrapper.
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