Who to contact at PinePhone for Lost Phone
Whom do I contact at the PinePhone Store for a phone which was lost during shipping by DHL?

Thank you
See: https://pine64.com/shipping-policy/

Under: My purchase hasn’t arrive – What can I do?
(11-10-2021, 03:31 PM)lot378 Wrote: See: https://pine64.com/shipping-policy/

Under: My purchase hasn’t arrive – What can I do?

Thanks Lot378
Today is the 30th day since my Pine Phone64 was shipped from Hong Kong. According to their policy one must wait for thirty days from ship date to send an email advising them the phone is lost. I provided the order number and DHL tracking number. In this email I asked to please confirm receipt of the email because after the ten days they will not honor a lost claim. We will see if PinePhone confirms receipt of my email to them.
I asked a FULL REFUND. I do not want to go through another lost phone via DHL and wait another thirty days to send PinePhone another email. PinePhone does not want to hear from anyone during the first thirty days of shipment and will not acknowledge any emails to them to which I can certify!

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