pine vacuum cleaner and door phone
these are two products i need.

well i need a robot vacuum cleaner, which walks around and cleans.
but i do not want to invest in those things that are connected to clouds and send data, or controllable from clouds.

same with the door phone.

our building's small community had to choose one. and we were not able to find one not connected to the cloud.

i am quite sure i would convince our community to use pine door phone (intercom) if it was selfhosted, and would just require a real ip.

there's no sense of our data to go abroad and come back for opening the door. and the current solution probably gathers photos of everyone who comes and goes, and nobody knows what would it do with the photos.
Couldn't you do the door thing with a current Pine SBC? Or maybe some PineCubes?

[ SRA accepts you ]
Quote:pine door phone (intercom)
The pinephone may be your best bet for a DIY intercom. I've not taken videos, but pictures are doable. It has integrated microphone and speaker. May even work wireless or over 4G.

Just giving a fun suggestion. Wink
The PinePhone could be an ideal choice for a do-it-yourself (DIY) intercom system. While I haven't recorded videos, capturing pictures is possible.

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