Overlays not loading at boot - ROCKPRO64 on Armbian
When I try to run overlays on Armbian 21.08.2 Focal, they do not seem to load, see [b]attached screenshot [/b]below for the output during boot. It looks to me that fdt is not properly run or sth.
root@rockpro64:/boot# cat /etc/[b]os-release[/b] 
VERSION="20.04.3 LTS (Focal Fossa)"
PRETTY_NAME="Armbian 21.08.2 Focal"

root@rockpro64:/boot# cat [b]armbianEnv.txt[/b]
overlays=pcie-gen2 spi-spidev
extraargs=net.ifnames=0 isolcpus=4,5

Anyone seen this before and knows what the issue can be/how it can be solved?
Thanks in advance!

[Image: BFfzLiq.thumb.jpeg.e63496f8ecf87a8062b2e...126a0.jpeg]

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