New OS for RockPro64 is here, TwisterOS Armbian
This is what we’ve been waiting for long time for any RK3399 board, a fully desktop Linux OS with mainline kernel, HW acceleration, Panfrost graphics and Kodi/MPV with HW support specially if you’re not a Linux expert, a ready-made friendly image that works out of the box for the newbie and enthusiast SBC user, it runs fast too, even from uSD:
  • Currently on 5.8.17 kernel
  • MPV built to support Mali T860 GPU
  • Firefox fully optimized to support Panfrost HW acceleration.
  • Built-in several useful software including, Kodi, USBimager, Retropie, Myandroid, Discord, Wine Desktop, Midnight commander, Remmina, Retroemulation(Dosbox, lutris, mupen64plus, ResidualVM, SNES9x, ScummVM, Redream, ZSNES), etc.
  • Armbian Focal Mate based
  • Boots from uSD, eMMC and NVMe
  • Many visual perks
  • OpenGL games included for testing(Panfrost OpenGL 2.1 only)
  • BOX86 support for Mali T860 GPU
  • lightDM display manager
  • KODI has been rebuilt from Scratch to support Mali T860 GPU
IMHO, This is the only way to get new users and Raspberry Pi users as well to venture into RK3399 boards. RockPi4C is recommended because it offers the most features at the lowest price. RockPro64 4Gb board is also recommended. RockPro64 support was added to latest Armbian-Reforged V1.0
Password: 123456


After flashing image with Etcher
- edit /boot/armbianEnv.txt
- replace the dtb name with rk3399-pinebook-pro.dtb or whatever RK3399 board you have, check dtb folder to know the exact name you need to type. by default we use Rockpi4C dtb
- After booting for the first time, resize partition on uSD or eMMC with included gnome-disks utility.

Many Thanks to Salva for his efforts by taking such initiative to promote all RK3399 boards with an Universal OS. @Ptitseb for his BOX86 contribution.

Download Latest Armbian-Reforged V1.0 from here:

Known issues:
Steam app is not working as expected but already working on a fix.
BT Audio still suffering of shuttering noises

Update(12-05-2020): Armbian-Reforged has now become TwisterOS Armbian:
TwisterOS Armbian Beta2 is already available for download here:

Update (12-21-2020): Monka-Manjaro-XFCE edition is here(beta1):
For those who prefer Archlinux based Distros, feel free to try it:

Full instructions below on latest post here.

Updated(01-25-2021) First Official Release of TwisterOS Armbian V1.0
Download if from official website: 20

[Image: d21ehn.jpg]
Can I use this image on a Pinebook Pro? And if so, it this a good candidate at least for checking on, on a Pinebook Pro?? Thanks - it sounds great... I really like the feel and speed of Armbian or any Debian install on these arm processors - since we don't have our own 'Raspberry Pi OS', I'm always looking for a 'cooler than stock Armbian' distro to try on the Pine line...

So, what about Pinebook Pro users? Is this for them???
.  .  .  .   .  . .
Successfully Tested with RockPro64, RockPi4C, Orange Pi 4, RockPi4B and NanoPi T4. We didn’t have a RockPi4 A to try on.
edit /boot/armbianEnv.txt
Replace the dtb name with rk3399-pinebook-pro.dtb or whatever RK3399 board you have, check dtb folder to know the exact name you need to type. by default we use Rockpi4C dtb
Is it armhf or arm64? Smile will check it for sure, if RetroPie works, it would be great!

Seems that it does not work on RockPro, the display is not initialized.

[Image: VYRogs.jpg]
RetroPie works 100% from desktop on Armbian-Reforged V1.0. We're retro gaming specialists.
What is wrong when I have no output on the TV? Using HDMI to DVI cable, tried rockpro and rockpro-v2 DTB.
Can somebody check that it runs on RockPro64?

edit: I think that my HDMI-DVI cable was a problem. When I used HDMI-HDMI cable, it works Smile
Update (11-18-20):
To fix Redream - Dreamcast emulator audio sound issue:
sudo apt install libasound2-plugins:armhf
I had the issue with sound at all, nither via HDMI, nor via audio jack.

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