No updates after upgrade?
Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye)
GNOME 3.38.5

After trying out some things which were hardly reversible I reinstalled mobian about a week ago with an image from Since installing, I did not get a single update although the image seems to be from may 2021.

I tried it using the software app, that always throws an error: Failed to update metadata for lvfs. After running
fwupdmgr --force refresh

in the terminal, the error isn't thrown any more and the software app tells me that everything is up to date.

I tried in the terminal running

apt update

which also tells me that everything is up to date.


gives me 0 updated, 0 new installed, 0 to remove and 0 not updated.

Why I doubt that is is correct is because before the reinstallation it felt like receiving updates  regularly.

Does anybody have a clue if I might be right? Thank you!
Thanks for that info.
Today is August 26, 2021

I downloaded the Nightly release marked August 26 last night.

It is running on an sd card in one of my PMOS Convergent phones.

After doing the normal first boot stuff, fill-in all the blanks, etc... It did a rather large download of 'updates'.

I really like to see what and how the newest software is coming along, but my daily driver is running a month old copy of Mobian.
I do regular updates on that phone as well. But there are differences between an updated OS and a fresh install.

I showed that previously, where the fresh install and the updated install were running on 2 identical PMOS phones setting next to each other.
The fresh install was using 0.7 watts less than the updated installation.

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