Mobian boot failed with zstd message after upgrade.
The Mobian image mobian-pinephone-phosh-12.0.img has been written to the eMMC of a pinephone using the USB mass storage mode of tow-boot (2022.07-006). It is booting an can be connected to a WLAN AP. Using the commands as described in the Wiki PinePhone Updating Instructions the upgrade is successful finished and is requesting a reboot. But the next start keeps hanging with

"zram: Cannot initialise zstd compressing backend"

Doing only apt update, and e.g. install of openssh-server and the updates as provided by the GUI is not causing this problem.

After GUI update there are still 82 packages that can be upgraded, but none of them with an obvious relation to zstd.

Switching algorithm of zram0 to e.g. lz4 (instead of zstd) is not changing the error message at startup.

Any idea ?

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