Shipping estimate
The European Union market and the USA market seem to get fairly dependable estimates on 'transit times' now.

The other countries may be less accurate.

Even within the USA, if your phone enters the country at Los Angeles you will get it much quicker than if it enters through New York !

Non-Pine64 items that I have ordered from out of the country, if they come through New York, they always take a long time.
Even Long before the "Scamdemic" I have had items move from one post office to another, spending 4+ weeks or more in New York.

Actually kind of cool when you "watch" your shipment, because it crosses many time zones on it's way to Los Angeles,
It can arrive long before it shipped from Hong Kong !
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I got my package today. Sweet, I'm suprised at how much better the software has gotten. I bought one a while ago but sold it on ebay. But now im pretty excited to keep this one.
From my own experience, time between ordering and shipping is roughly 1 month.
Time between shipping and delivery is usually 2 days according to the shipping, but in reality it's 1 day.
When I ordered Quartz64, it even arrived an entire day before tracking even came available.
Could be because I live way closer to Hong Kong than most of this forum?

Same trend across all Pine products, not limited to PinePhone.
Although PinePhone seems to be the only one out of all the stuff I bought here so far to get customs slapped on top (although it's not much, but still got me by surprise considering it's the first time to ever pay customs at the front door).

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