receive a blank screen after expanding SD on first boot
New PinePhone user who is also relatively new to Linux as well.

I picked up a 512GB Samsung EVO Select SD and used Rufus in Win10 to restore the mobian-pinephone-phosh-20210517.img I downloaded from (parent of the "installer" folder).

The phone booted to the Mobius splash screen right away; which was a good sign... and indicated it was expanding the disk on first boot.

At some point (maybe after 15 minutes), the screen blanked (transitioned from the splash disk expansion screen)... you could still see the backlight was on... just no more messages echoed to the screen.

In case it was still busy, I left the phone alone to do its thing for about an hour... then powered it down.

I took the SD out of the phone and installed it back into my USB/SD card reader on my PC, brought up the disk manager, and confirmed the partitions had been expanded out to consume the entire disk... 8MB Unallocated, 504 MB Active Primary Partition, and a 476.41 GB Primary partition.

So as far as I can tell, the phone booted the SD image and expanded the disk like it said it was going to, and then went completely silent/blank... was I not patient enough waiting an hour for something to show on the screen, did I pickup an SD that was too big, should I have used the installer image, or is there a known issue here that I can take an action on to yield a successful boot?

In the mean time I also want to test this new SD... so I've used the Win10 Disk Manager to delete the two allocated partitions, created one large NTFS partition, and am in the process of copying a single 368GB (nvme backup) file to it... Windows suggested it was going to take ~80 minutes to copy the file @ 80 MB/s.... at the time of this writing 28% of the file has been written (~103GB) with a 55min ETA.

Hopefully the SD proves to be good... I post again (or maybe just update this post) with those results, and look forward to everyone's feedback and help.

EDIT: I think the SD is good...  The 368GB file copied successfully at a sustained 80GB/s second average (bounced between 79.6 and 80.6), I even mounted the backup image, browsed the folder structure, and opened a few random files to confirm their contents were read correctly.  I don't think my issue is that the SD is bad.
Just found this related post...

I'm going to try expand the disk manually... assuming there is a way I can do that on Windows... any tips/tools/ guidance from a windows perspective (for now) is greatly appreciated.

I'm open to putting a Linux Live USB-Stick together if it makes this easier (assuming it can read/use my USB SD "toaster"). I've been pulling down Linux ISO's lately to try as I am considering transitioning from Win10 to Linux... lots to research to make sure I get a distro/kernel compatible with my hardware (Ryzen 5600X and 6800XT) and get comfortable with the learning curve of "Gaming on Linux" with Wine/Lutris/etc...

Well, Linux live USB-Stick to the rescue...

1) Booted PC into Manjaro
2) inserted USB SD RW with SD card freshly "flashed" with the original mobian-pinephone-phosh-20210517.img image
3) Manjaro mounted the drives... huzzah it saw it!
4) Launched the GUI Gparted
5) found my SD, unmounted and selected to resize the 2nd partition to take all space
6) Had GParted apply the changes and it took care of both the partition and data resizing in under 9 minutes
7) mounted/broswed expanded partition successfully
8) unmounted/removed USB-SD and rebooted PC
9) installed SD back into PinePhone and booted it
10) Received Mobian splash screen, resizing partition message lasted about 2 seconds, screen flipped to text for a few seconds, the GUI launched, and was able to log in as the default mobian user!

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