Screen stay black unless power key pressed short
Hi all,

Few times the screen stay black when i short pressed power key.

The first situation let thinking about SWAP problem.

juin 24 07:51:53 mobian kernel: get_swap_device: Bad swap offset entry e80000cbfd8f

The problem appear line 6694 until the end of file 700038.

The second situation, you can analyze the journalctl log at the end line 8074.

This is at this step i tried to press power key short to wake-up my pinephone.

I have seen this two lines, but maybe it's not their.

juin 24 15:30:34 mobian gsd-xsettings[1224]: Failed to get current UI legacy scaling factor
juin 24 15:30:32 mobian kernel: Freezing remaining freezable tasks

If you have an idea about this problem ! Thank you a lot

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