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Ryo, for your IMEI registration issues I think I have seen on the forum that you can send an AT command to the modem to change the IMEI, You might email Megi as I do not see it on that modem documentation, ask Megi to add this if it is known.
I think megous is Megi's forum name:
(edit) see below where I added the alleged(untested by me) AT command to change the IMEI

If so then
1-register the SIM on any other cheap or old phone and put it away
2-use AT command to change the pinephone's IMEI to that other phone's IMEI

If it is it possible to register service to an old 2g phone I know of one which can change it's IMEI; or is 2g already down in Japan?

Even if not for you for others to use a reverse IMEI hack(clone your pinephone's IMEI to the BM50 and register as a dumbphone) this BM50 2g phone/bluetooth headset is apparently designed to be smuggled by prisoners.


Quote:For this feature the BM50 is worth its $16 value, you can change the IMEI on the fly which when paired with a new SIM card should get it unblocked even if the prison or gubmint sniffs a previous SIM/IMEI combo.
*#06# to read the BM50’s IMEI (Star,hash,zero,six,hash)
*#016# to write new IMEI to BM50 (star,hash,zero,one,six,hash) (edit, strikeout error)
(edit)add correct *# command
Quote:*#0160# to write new IMEI number

Star, hash, zero, one, six, zero, hash
(edit) here is the IMEI command
kqlnut helped me find this:
This is the alleged(untested by me) code to change the IMEI on the Pinephone
AT+EGMR=1,7,"new IMEI"

He found it here:, posted by user Trbl. kqlnut has no idea if it works though and kqlnut hasn't seen it documented anywhere else. Maybe user Trbl from that post can give you more insights on that. 
It is sometimes reported that using this command is illegal, but users can consult the laws and rules in your jurisdiction especially since it is only being used to clone another phone you own and only use to activate service and not to steal service or use a phone which you have stolen both of which are actually illegal.  This was discussed on the Maemo website and IMEI change is legal if used for legitimate purposes in the US and Canada, mixed opinion on EU rules as of a few years ago and is a feature included in even stock android once rooted.
more info on sim change for android

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