Manjaro wont recognize eMMC after booting with it disabled
I tried to install Manjaro on the eMMC on my PBP but didn't know that using the "erase" option to make a new partition table would leave the system broken.  To get the machine to turn on, I have to disable the eMMC with the hardware switch so that it will boot off the SD card.  I want to try the installation on the eMMC again, but after booting from SD card (flashed with the Manjaro xfce image from the manjaro site) with the eMMC switch off and then turning the eMMC switch back on, I still can't access the drive.  I tried running (as root):

echo fe330000.sdhci >/sys/bus/platform/drivers/sdhci-arasan/unbind
echo fe330000.sdhci >/sys/bus/platform/drivers/sdhci-arasan/bind

but it fails with "No such device".

Any advice would be appreciated!
The actual path to the device is kernel dependent. So, try finding the proper device name first:
<code>find /sys -name "sdhci"</code>
And if you find what appears to be a suitable entry, check to see if their is a "unbind" and "bind" in that directory.

Further, I don't know if the actual device path of "fe330000.sdhci" would still apply...
Arwen Evenstar
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