Won't boot - Failed to read Who-Am-I register
I just received my Beta PinePhone (convergence). It booted up just fine. Then when I applied the updater (for 324 updates) a reboot was required. After rebooting the phone gets stuck with the message 'Failed to read Who-Am-I register' and won't boot anymore. Volume up + Power also doesn't seems to boot to recovery mode.
What do I do ?

If you flash an OS to an SD card then the phone will boot from that, you can use the OS that your phone came with or try one of the others. I like Mobian.
You could also flash Jump-drive to an SD card and flash an OS onto the eMMC.
(05-12-2021, 04:04 PM)Frankie Wrote: Hi,
If you flash an OS to an SD card then the phone will boot from that, you can use the OS that your phone came with or try one of the others. I like Mobian.
You could also flash Jump-drive to an SD card and flash an OS onto the eMMC.

Thank you for replying Smile

Yes, I am aware of those facts. I just want to know why this happens since it seems most users don't have this problem. I suspect it has something to do with login credentials ( Failed to read Who-Am-I register ) ?   I provided the phone with my name and a pin code/password.  I skipped connecting to wifi initially but after the setup I connected anyway and it worked. I couldn't find a progress bar during updating so I repeatedly swiped the side screen which has a progress bar in it that moved during updating. So I didn't left the phone to drop into sleep mode. Then the popup message asking for a reboot appeared, I selected reboot and since then the problem persists.  Then event has a number followed by 'iio iio device2' followed by the message. Sometimes it says 'device2' and sometimes 'device3'.

I wanted to go with Ubuntu Touch anyway and I flashed it to a micro sd. It boots very well. Apart from the problems regarding battery status and cameras (which I was aware of before installing) it boots pretty fine. The browser is working surprisingly smooth in comparison of what I saw ever before. Didn't try my sim card yet and haven't found a way to install Firefox ( I definitely want to use it ) yet.  I'm going to try Libertine ( the Ubuntu Touch native classic app store ? ) soon and see what gives.

The main problem on Ubuntu Touch is now that it won't come back from locked mode, it just gives me a slightly lit black screen.  I have searched for power saving options but found only the amount of time before auto locking to be changed.

I have done a first update on the system using sudo apt-get update followed by sudo apt-get upgrade and it seemed successful. Am I supposed to use this method on Ubuntu Touch ?  Smile

I'm very excited though to finally have the phone and Ubuntu to play around with. As I am very 'persistant' I AM going to turn this into my daily driver eventually.
Hope the phone will work, the browser already does pretty fine. Hope to get some apps working too and certainly hope to get a quick fix or workaround for the sleep mode (locked mode) bug.
I have had my PinePhone for less than an hour, and an almost identical thing happened to me. If I can get it boot off a SD card, I should then test the ram in the phone? I can not find any documentation on what the Who-Am-I register is. There are two lines to the full error message:
SMCCC: SOC_ID: ARCH_SOC_ID(0) returned error: fffffffffffff
iio iio:device3: failed to read Who-Am-I register
same problem here, looks like reinstalling is easiest way to go
I have no idea what I'm doing... wanna see how I did it?! Big Grin
I have the same problem, apparently.  I found the following, hardly readable errors on the screen:

[    0.214411] lima 1c40000.gpu: dev_pm_opp_set_regulators: no regulator (mali) found: -19[/font]
[    1.773495] kb151 2-0015: KB151 was not detected on the bus (-6)[/font]
[    7.402910] iio iio:device3: failed to read Who-Am-I register.[/font]
WiFi was OK, so I could login from the PC.  Wasted time trying to understand what (i2c?) device has a Who-Am-I register.

Then I figured I had messed up my home directory.  I repaired it and now the pinephone boots fine.

I still have those errors in dmesg.
There is at least one other forum thread I recall reading about this (I remember making a joke about the phone having an identity crisis because of 'who am I' error).

Anyway, I thought it was maybe a one off thing, but now several people are reporting the same, so perhaps this issue should be reported or more data collected. Gathering such data can some times help to fix some weird intermittent bug somewhere.

What I am saying is, even though it can be fixed by re-install, try and give as much info as possible, or maybe reproduction steps (if you even can). Which may be helpful in debugging.

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