PinePhone Keyboard update [April 24/04]
(05-03-2021, 03:30 AM)Lord Windy Wrote:
(05-02-2021, 11:07 PM)BronzeBear Wrote:
  • Keyboard layout is awful. Yes, programmable keys is a good thing, but the keyfaces are going to be all wrong. I know there was a survey, but in typical Pine fashion it was completely botched. Not all of us hang out on the various chat channels. The polling should have been done everywhere, forums, website, chats, reddit, twitter, etc. And as another user said, left for a month. Having to use FN keys to use the arrow keys by default is an absolute joke. vim users have their heads up their rear ends. There are more people out there in the world that use arrow keys than jkl; I mean seriously, does anyone use brackets and braces MORE than they do arrow keys? I'm a C/C++ programmer by trade, and I don't even use that many brackets and braces...

Keyfaces don't worry me too much. If it is programmable than you could just make the arrow keys default to movement. It is what I'm planning on doing. I use VIM and I never use the jk whatever movement keys. I'm one of those plebs who suck at using most of the cool features of those editors.

I'm really happy with how it looks and the layout. I can't wait to buy one!

Of course, reprogramming it will be something I will have to do as well. And then I'll have to live with hitting ] for down arrow, instead of fn-]

But the subject isn't really about us, we have the skills to reprogram it, and we can adapt to moronic layouts. The question is about sane defaults, and this layout's default isn't sane imo. So really, my bitching is more for all the people who won't be able to reprogram it, and will have to use two hands to navigate their text cursor and web pages.

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