PinePhone Keyboard update [April 24/04]
Finally I can turn the pinephone into a portable console Big Grin
No, ok I'll be serious. today was the last day to buy the replacement board for the Braveheart at a discounted price, so I did it but I'm sorry to know that I will have to place another order for the keyboard again.
I really like the design that you gave to the keyboard, but i have some questions:
1) I read in the blog post that you were thinking about making the SD accessible without removing the phone from the case, did you do it in the end?
2) the layout looks good to me, thank you very much for putting the ctrl, fn, alt, altgr keys in the right places.  At first glance seem that the only missing keys are F11 and F12 (~ appears to be on key 5). Can you explain to me  with wich combination is possible to press keys like F1 and |? With fn and fn+shift ?
3) thanks for leaving the possibility to use the dock station, I would have preferred to have everything integrated in the keyboard because it would have been more portable but still we haven't lost functionality. But have you made a way for the phone to know when the keypad opens and closes? If the phone is able to understand that the keyboard is connected, the distros will be able to change operation based on this state for example  for example by deactivating the use of the front speaker and using the default landscape orientation. And if the phone knows if the keyboard is closed or open, it can automatically deactivate and activate the screen.
4) Also good choice for the battery and the support mechanism of the screen once opened, it seems really stable, although I would have preferred batteries like those of the "don't be evil devkit" so that they can be hot swapped while the phone remains switched on so that it can extend the life away from the power outlets. But perhaps the costs are lower and with less thickness. It might be interesting to know if with the keypad the phone can work and call without its battery, this would be useful in case it gets ruined (and smaller batteries get ruined always first because they do more cycles).

And to randomly replay to others posts: I like that the phone is recessed inside the edges, this increases the protection when the keyboard is open and sure for the cap a lot of people will make plans for 3d printing, sure will be possible to extreme personalize the color

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