PinePhone Keyboard update [April 24/04]
(09-27-2021, 08:53 AM)Fragreenburg Wrote: RE: 6c x 8G X 64G X 1920.

Yeah, I could imagine that would be super pricey.

I don't think Pine64 will ever release a phone that strong, that is stronger than most phones on the market and they would be selling to a niche audience. I want a more powerful Pine Phone but I also don't want to spend $800+ on a phone, I think that has become normalized and is ridiculous. For many people that's several months of food. I would love a $400 device that is twice as powerful because at some point the biggest issue with using this as a daily driver will be hardware limitations. Doesn't matter how much Phosh is optimized when the phone still take 15-20 seconds to launch Telegram. 99% of people aren't willing to accept that wait and I can't blame them.

I've been daily driving this for a bit over 2 months and it has been just fine but I also realized if you asked a random person to daily driver this they would lose their minds. My girlfriend has only interacted with it a handful of times and she hates it because it can be so slow.
I would dis-agree on the cost angle.  Pine already has a Quad core 8G unit under dev, and the RockPro64 is already 6cores.  I think it just a waiting game for the next gen chips on sub-20nm processes coming down in cost.  Having taken this puppy apart, they did a pretty good job on the engineering.  The modem chip already has a pin-compatable 5G big-brother.  If rockchip's nextgen is something pin-close on say 12nm, the price point should be very similar, without having to re-engineer the board from scratch.  The $199 already has 32G of storage, emmc keeps dropping, albeit slowly.  On the screen angle I don't think a 4K display is worth it, but with the experience from the current crop of phones, they ought to be able to clean up any lingering rework/parts issues, and put out a 2nd gen product on new silicon as soon as some of these new Fabs come online and start producing.

I have a Note9 and I've used 'DEX' with it.  Frankly it's performance is quite snappy, but DEX just doesn't quite get there on the desktop experience Wink.  If I could plug a $300-$350 "Pinephone-II"into a USB-C hub and run a 1920 monitor, with reasonable performance I'm *all* in.  The latest RPi4 is actually pretty darn close, and I wanted to get one of the RPro's with 4G to play with.  I noticed a huge improvement on the RPi's when I went to V30 SD's, and I'm thinking the RPro w/eMMC ought to perform admirably as well.  I could live with the 32G onboard eMMC, but looking around the price point difference is not super significant up to 64G.

The next gen opensource MALI drivers won't hurt.  I don't understand why ARM doesn't just open it up.  Reverse engineering this cruft sucks.

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