Mainline Linux Driver HF-LPS170 (BL602)
I took the original driver and adapted it for building in the kernel tree 5.11.y.

modinfo bl_fdrv.ko
filename:      /home/dev/images_build_kit/build/source/linux-next/drivers/net/wireless/hflps170/bl_fdrv.ko
license:        GPL
author:        Copyright(c) 2015-2016 BouffaloLab BouffaloLab S.A.S
description:    BouffaloLab 11nac driver for Linux cfg80211
firmware:      bl_settings.ini
firmware:      fmacfw.bin
firmware:      ldpcram.bin
firmware:      fcuram.bin
firmware:      agcram.bin
srcversion:    29893D2D7D1077651D05265
alias:          sdio:c*v424Cd0606*
depends:        cfg80211
intree:        Y
name:          bl_fdrv
vermagic:      5.11.15 SMP preempt mod_unload aarch64
parm:          bl_filter_severity:used to filter severity (ulong)
parm:          bl_filter_module:used to filter module (ulong)
parm:          ht_on:Enable HT (Default: 1) (bool)
parm:          vht_on:Enable VHT (Default: 1) (bool)
parm:          mcs_map:VHT MCS map value  0: MCS0_7, 1: MCS0_8, 2: MCS0_9 (Default: 0) (int)
parm:          amsdu_maxnb:Maximum number of MSDUs inside an A-MSDU in TX: (Default: NX_TX_PAYLOAD_MAX) (int)
parm:          ps_on:Enable PowerSaving (Default: 1-Enabled) (bool)
parm:          tx_lft:Tx lifetime (ms) - setting it to 0 disables retries (Default: 100) (int)
parm:          ldpc_on:Enable LDPC (Default: 1) (bool)
parm:          vht_stbc:Enable VHT STBC in RX (Default: 1) (bool)
parm:          phycfg:0 <= phycfg <= 5 : RF Channel Conf (Default: 2(C0-A1-B2)) (int)
parm:          uapsd_timeout:UAPSD Timer timeout, in ms (Default: 300). If 0, UAPSD is disabled (int)
parm:          uapsd_queues:UAPSD Queues, integer value, must be seen as a bitfield
        Bit 0 = VO
        Bit 1 = VI
        Bit 2 = BK
        Bit 3 = BE
    -> uapsd_queues=7 will enable uapsd for VO, VI and BK queues (int)
parm:          ap_uapsd_on:Enable UAPSD in AP mode (Default: 1) (bool)
parm:          sgi:Advertise Short Guard Interval support (Default: 1) (bool)
parm:          sgi80:Advertise Short Guard Interval support for 80MHz (Default: 1) (bool)
parm:          use_2040:Use tweaked 20-40MHz mode (Default: 1) (bool)
parm:          use_80:Enable 80MHz (Default: 1) (bool)
parm:          custregd:Use permissive custom regulatory rules (for testing ONLY) (Default: 0) (bool)
parm:          nss:1 <= nss <= 2 : Supported number of Spatial Streams (Default: 1) (int)
parm:          bfmee:Enable Beamformee Capability (Default: 1-Enabled) (bool)
parm:          bfmer:Enable Beamformer Capability (Default: 0-Disabled) (bool)
parm:          mesh:Enable Meshing Capability (Default: 0-Disabled) (bool)
parm:          murx:Enable MU-MIMO RX Capability (Default: 1-Enabled) (bool)
parm:          mutx:Enable MU-MIMO TX Capability (Default: 1-Enabled) (bool)
parm:          mutx_on:Enable MU-MIMO transmissions (Default: 1-Enabled) (bool)
parm:          roc_dur_max:Maximum Remain on Channel duration (int)
parm:          listen_itv:Maximum listen interval (int)
parm:          listen_bcmc:Wait for BC/MC traffic following DTIM beacon (bool)
parm:          lp_clk_ppm:Low Power Clock accuracy of the local device (int)
parm:          tdls:Enable TDLS (Default: 1-Enabled) (bool)
donation   slarm64


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