What Pine Phone Operating System For A Daily Driver?
(01-13-2021, 09:17 PM)K_Research Wrote: Hello just checking in I need to find a distro for my Pine Phone that is working so I can make a daily driver out of it, my requirements right now is to make calls and use texting and a functional camera for pictures I can live without taking videos.

1. Phone working make receive calls
2. Texting
3. Camera

Be nice to have mp3 player and a video player.

Suggestions ? I need a daily driver as my current phone will no longer work at the end of February so its either get my Pine Phone working or buy a De-Googled Android.

Thanks in advance.

       Hate to say it, but as of right now I don't think any OS is anywhere near where it needs to be to have Pinephone as a daily driver. I guess the one that is closest is Ubuntu Touch as of writing this, but many of my favorite apps like say Webber for example which turns web pages into app icons to function similar to iOS or Android won't even work on Pinephone. Also I have been disconnected mant times from my wifi and network on this OS, it works better on certain Android phones running Ubuntu like the Nexus phones. If someone at UBPorts could make a Pinephone run Ubuntu Touch run as well as say a Nexus 5, I would use it as a daily driver, but its not there and comments from UBPorts are sending mixed messages like they want to focus on old ANdroid devices than a new all Linux phone? They could really have something if they tweaked Ubuntu om Pinephone.

       I tried Sailfish and loved the gestures and look, but simple functions didn't work amd it seems to be too tied to google for me. Lune I could deal with if it weren't for the clock just keeps appearing on my screen for no reason when I am trying to do anything. Mobian is getting there, but still nowhere near ready for prime time. Postmarket, KDE, I just couldn't do much with.

      So Ubuntu Touch is almost there and i am somewhat of a Linux noob admittedly, but just asking for it to run as well as the ancient Nexus 5 Ubuntu is not asking for a lot, but isn't there yet. Ubuntu on Nexus 5 my only complaint is MMS doesn't work, besides that, its very functional and workarounds for almost any other issue I can think of. I mean could someone at Pine64 hire someone to tweak Ubuntu it would be a legitmate daily driver, but as of now, no.

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