Problem with Pinebook Pro unable to read mmc1
I got my Pinebook Pro in January 2020, with Debian Desktop flavour as default OS, then later on around July I installed Manjaro 20.4 to eMMC, few weeks later I noticed that it caused a problem, SD card slot stopped working (mmc1), but it worked before on Debian Desktop and also Manjaro was flashed by using this sane SD card slot, it does recognize card in dmesg output, even gets the name and size of the card but fails to establish actual data link, I tried asking help from discord chat several times but it's probably not the best place to ask as if there comes some easier question people spam their responses to easy question and my problem always fades to the past or people throw suggestions like it's SD card fault and so on, which I rule out in beginning as I have many SD cards to test it with, it must be related to firmware or something as its both unable to correctly read them when OS is booted and when i try to boot from SD card slot. I also tried installing Debian Desktop back via this mmc slot and it shows Debian's open sesame boot splash image, and then fails, any ideas?

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Problem with Pinebook Pro unable to read mmc1 - by murda - 11-19-2020, 10:00 AM

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