Mobile Roaming Not Working
I am currently using the Pinephone CE 3BG edition with the current Arch|Phosh build.  It is using Freedom (Shaw mobile) in Canada, and calls, SMS and data all work, despite having to reset and reboot regularly. However, once I move off the fairly limited Shaw cellular network the phone never roams over to another network, of which there are two big ones in Canada, Telus and Bell.

I know many people have to manually connect to their network so I don't know if I am being a little hopeful but....

Is anyone using the pinephone on Telus or Bell and did you have to do anything to access the network?

Is roaming part of the modem's responsibilities? Or is this a current software limitation where roaming
information from the network provider is not being used or stored yet?

Is there a manual way to provide roaming information or configuration to the modem?

Don't know the answer but a related question may be how to view/select available cell networks on a pinephone. Some kind equivalent linux software to SIM Tools or the builtin function on feature phones may be required.
This 'may' have to do with your APN settings.
Here in the USA I am using a MVNO of T-Mobile (Simple Mobile)
I found I need a different APN when the signal changes from 4g to 3g.
They both 'work' but require different APN's.
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