Pinebook Pro doesn't boot most of the time unless connected via USB-serial!
boot0 and boot1 (as well as rpmb) are not Android remnants, they are part of eMMC hardware partitions, defined in the standard. eMMC is divided into four areas, Boot Area Partitions (boot0 and boot1), Replay Protected Memory Block (rpmb), General Purpose Partitions, and finally User Data Area. That user data area is what is visible in fdisk and whatnot, the base /dev/mmcblk2 or whatever, GPP are generally unused, and boot area partitions are visible as /dev/mmcblk2boot0 and /dev/mmcblk2boot1. RPMB is used for some security stuff, boot would typically be used for bootloader/firmware, hence my question earlier whether PBP's SoC can make use of Boot Area Partitions at all, because if it can - kumbaya!
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RE: Pinebook Pro doesn't boot most of the time unless connected via USB-serial! - by moonwalkers - 09-29-2020, 08:26 PM

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