Pinebook USB reconnections
Good afternoon,

I bought and recently received a Pinebook Pro to replace a 12 inch Lenovo Core m5 laptop I use on a daily basis. I've been a long time Armbian and ARM user with several other SBCs and was so thrilled that Pine64 would finally release a laptop with USB-C.

Used it for a few few days, testing images for Armbian, culminating in a event last night where my latest Armbian test-build worked with USB-C video (it hasn't ever worked up until that point).

I was enjoying using my USB-C dock with video, replacing my "desktop" ODROID N2 with the Pinebook Pro, when the keyboard would appear to stop working.

Whipped out the UART cable (after switching the switch from audio to UART) when I noticed the trackpad/keyboard would frequently (~30 times) disconnect and reconnect on the USB bus, eventually not reconnecting at all.

Checked cables, re-seated the connector between mainboard and trackpad/keyboard and re-seated the connector from mainboard to smallboard, with no change.

Finally I unplugged trackpad/keyboard connectors, isolating USB to just the mainboard, and still USB devices repeatedly disconnect and reconnect (I had a external USB keyboard connected to the USB3 port on mainboard only).

dmesg looks unremarkable, apart from the USB devices (keyboard/trackpad) getting disconnected and reconnected.

This device just arrived last week approximately, and while I think the Pinebook Pro is still a fantastic device, mine is currently not usable.

I can get more UART captures of the console and pastebin them, but here is what I see that concerns the internal trackpad/keyboard: in this test, no other USB devices were attached, just the internal keyboard and trackpad.
Opened a support ticket which has been unresponded to for about 5 days so far, I've posted a few dmesg outputs on multiple boots and I'm not sure what to do from here. Does anybody have any advice on how I should proceed with some type of RMA, or at the very least shipping the order where I actually paid for another mainboard?
I would ask on the Matrix/Discord/IRC servers first then try to get the attention of someone affiliated with PINE64 either through this forum or Twitter.

P.S. Have a look at this Forum Post:
Thanks for your reply. So far, I've placed two tickets and emailed, and while I did get an RMA that I'm going to send out tomorrow (I paid to have a SBC shipped to me from the store for additional testing, but ended up buying another used PBP to get me running again), but it's a definite hardware issue. One of the chips gets so hot that it actually burned me while touching it, so whatever chip that is (I wish there was a boardview layout so I could ID these tiny chips) is likely bad.

So it took a bit of prodding but I finally am getting somewhere.

EDIT: I really REALLY REALLY love this laptop, I just wish the parts were more readily available or easier to source, especially the spare parts like SBCs, but other than playing Minecraft, the PBP is my new daily driver, and will be my main system once the USB-C video issue gets fixed.

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