Pinebook Pro Sleep/Resume bug: The (Kinda sorta) Good, The Bad, and the (Very) Ugly.
So it sounds like without NVMe, suspend should work if one takes some extra steps - but with NVMe, suspend is not currently possible. Just checking in case it's specific to certain models of NVMe - is there anyone who has suspend working and an NVMe drive? If so - what NVMe are you using?
you need:
5.7+ manjaro kernel
bsp-based uboot -- still recommend mrfixit 2.0
systemd configuration for mem suspend and disable hibernate (and disable power button...)

Suspend first worked with a 5.6 tsys kernel (not the very 1st,,2nd I think), with recent update, still works,,~7%/d
Since lid switch is flakey, better to disable that (systemsettings5), or fix
I enter/leave s3 with pwr button, in systemsettings5 set for log out dialog, so needs 2 extra keystokes
(and yes, explicit statement in sleep.conf,, SuspendState=mem)
I do wish I knew how the resume works, for me, pwr button or plugging in charger
Some distros sleep, but never wake (so unclear how well they actually are doing, as well as useless)
And,, BTW I don't have nvme installed, just for this reason
I'm now actually pretty sure this is the mis-positioned magnet issue.

Won't know for sure until my wife's available to help me attempt the fix next weekend. I'm partially blind / fine and gross motor impaired and the instructions ("There is no easy way to do this!" etc.) intimidate the heck out of me.

I'll mark it resolved if that does indeed fix it. I'm not using an NVME SSD. Stock emmc.

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