Prevent suspend during active call
I was in a phone call yesterday and after what felt like about five minutes the call disconnected seemingly out of nowhere. Looking at the screen of the phone it was black and after pressing the unlock button, the icon that indicates searching for wifi and the cellular connection signal strength bars appeared. I had a feeling that the screen locked itself automatically and in so doing also ended the active call. I went into settings > power > power saving and deactivated "dim screen when inactive" and next to "blank screen" in the drop down menu I choose "never" because to be honest, I have no idea what the difference between "dim screen when inactive" and "blank screen" is.

I called again and after what felt like the exact same ammount of time as before the call just ended. Black screen, unlocked it, wifi icon and cellular connection signal icon appear. I again went into settings and this time I turned off "Automatic suspend".

Now when I called again it lasted for 40+ minutes until I ended the call myself. It would seem to me that I have an issue where automatic suspend activates even while I am in an active call. I guess this activates crust which shuts off cellular and wifi service to save battery. Looking around the forum I havnt found something similar so not sure if its only a problem for me or anyone else. I do remember that I have been making a call longer than five minutes before without autosuspend kicking in so could be something new or maybe just me messing around to much in terminal.

I did see mentioning prevent suspend and keep the screen on for different apps but I have no idea to implement that on the nmcli. Not really sure what to do from here..
A fix for that has just been merged upstream in calls, now we're just waiting for the next release Smile
Awesome! Big Grin

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