My Daily QA - 2020-09-10
(09-16-2020, 12:28 PM)Phillip Bell Wrote:
(09-10-2020, 12:42 PM)plainenough Wrote: Be aware, these tests are being executed using an out-of-box testing methodology. All tests are preformed with minimal interaction/setup of devices outside of: OS imaging/updating,  SIM installation, Wifi Configuration,  and Power Cycling the devices.

Results: ubports/2020-09-10-TMobile

Conclusion: This OS is not ready for the device to become a daily driver.

Notes: Still open to the idea that the camera button is to reverse the image not switch to the 'selfie camera' if anyone can confirm either way I would appreciate it. Failed 4G outbound call still an issue; the failed call no longer kills audio on all other calls. 3G calls are see a little bit of improvement. Able to connect, wasn't getting a count up on call timer. No audio passed either direction. Rebooted phone and tried again, nothing. Good to see some changes going through that portion of the code base though. 3G SMS outbound issue present today. Hopefully the VoLTE fixes are underway.

4G outbound calls broken.
Phone gets stuck in a weird lock state when spamming power button.
Outbound SMS over 3g is broken.
Audio cuts out after "No Calls" error is handled on inbound/outbound calls.
Just adding my experiences: Upgraded to DEV build 2020-09-16 today.  Camera is fun - it shows reversed image in screen, but captures normal image.  I put in a MicroSD today, it recognized it and gave me option to format (which I did), but I have no idea how to use it, I don't see it mounted at all.  Most calls out still fail.  The only inbound calls I seem to get (T-Mobile) are telemarketers and spam.  Most text messages work, but not all (T-Mobile again).  Copy/Paste is miserable, doesn't work between apps, but works in-app.  Battery life is still pretty horrible, I just keep it powered off until I want to use it to send text or something, or if I'm playing all day with it to test things then I keep it plugged in.  GPS can work if you are really, really patient with it (probably not using AGPS from towers, but sat-GPS).  I'm making a lot of guesses here, no real proof of things, just user experience.  I do use the PinePhone every day (as well as my Pinebook Pro Smile ) , and it's really hard, but I want things to be that way right now, it keeps my mind focused.  I don't even recommend the PinePhone to experienced Linux users when they ask about it.  It's still in the "interesting toy" category.    

Enough with Rants, now for some Raves.  I love having a terminal.  I love having zero physical branding (other than the tiny pinecone by the camera).  I would like to have a bootup screen that doesn't advertise Pine64 or Ubuntu Touch.  Stellarium is my new favorite app.  

Did you know that a Pinecone was originally called a pineapple?  As in "the apple or fruit from the pine tree".  Then, when Europeans took over Hawaii (well, forced the queen out), and the Pineapple fruit became popular, it was also named Pineapple because it resembled the conical seed of the pine tree.  But then both were called pineapple, and it was confusing.  So, instead of doing the logical thing, and keeping the original thing called pineapple, people did the usual, completely illogical thing, and kept calling the newly discovered fruit named as pineapple, and the seed of the pine tree was named as "pinecone".  Sure, people are illogical, but that explains the popularity of Microsoft Windows.  

Anyway, I replaced the back cover with the silly UBPorts logo, and it's now basic black.  I noticed that after removing the old UBPorts back about 10 times, it cracked.  The new back seems fine.

As an experienced linux professional, this device is still in the interesting toy category. As an avid Systemd person (stemming from my arch roots.) I am a little disgruntled that ubports hasn't shifted away from ub16 and upstart for the base os. I would love to see these devices begin to incorporate stuff like live kernel updates. Also, it would help out a lot if I didn't have to surf my memory to the ubuntu 12 days to troubleshoot all of the things. 

On another note, I never look at the back of my phone so I don't care about the rear cover. I will say, having the option to *EASILY* replace the battery if it starts to fail is nice.

I'm really holding out for ubports to be better so I can use native linux. Although mobian is getting up there. (although phosh looks atrocious)

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