My Daily QA - 2020-10-01
Results: ubports/2020-10-01-TMobile

Conclusion: This OS is not ready for the device to become a daily driver.

Notes: Still open to the idea that the camera button is to reverse the image not switch to the 'selfie camera' if anyone can confirm either way I would appreciate it. Failed 4G outbound call still an issue. I noticed that the modem crashed after the initial update and all outbound communication led to a "No SIM" error. It was interesting though, because all of my carrier settings loaded and I was able to manually force them to reload. A hard reboot fixed those issues.

4G outbound calls broken.
Phone gets stuck in a weird lock state when spamming power button.
My camera experience:

Camera app opens up with camera back-facing reversed image. Very poor quality, compared to typical phone these days; I feel like this would be a great camera to take a really bad picture of a UFO with.

Back camera image is reversed.  When I press the "selfie" button to theoretically switch to front-facing camera, the back-facing camera image briefly flips to standard (non-reversed image), but remains entirely in back-facing camera.  Then, it reverts quickly back to a reversed image.  This is reversed as in left to right, not inverted as in up to down.

Sometimes, there is a green screen that briefly appears while it is trying to figure out what to do.

Summary: rear-facing camera preview is reversed, but stills are normal.  No front-facing camera.  Image quality poor, especially in low-light conditions, which as a software architect, is most of my waking life.  No evidence of working flash.

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