My Daily QA - 2020-09-09
Be aware, these tests are being executed using an out-of-box testing methodology. All tests are preformed with minimal interaction/setup of devices outside of: OS imaging/updating,  SIM installation, Wifi Configuration,  and Power Cycling the devices.

Results: ubports/2020-09-09-TMobile

Conclusion: This OS is not ready for the device to become a daily driver.

Notes: Still open to the idea that the camera button is to reverse the image not switch to the 'selfie camera' if anyone can confirm either way I would appreciate it. Failed 4G outbound call still an issue; the failed call no longer kills audio on all other calls. 3G calls are definitely broken today. Able to connect, wasn't getting a count up on call timer. No audio passed either direction. Rebooted phone and tried again, nothing. Good to see some changes going through that portion of the code base though, they fixed the 3G outbound SMS issue. Hopefully the VoLTE fixes are underway.

4G outbound calls broken.
Phone gets stuck in a weird lock state when spamming power button.
Com ed 3g model :
Using TracFone/AT&T
Think 4g, that was posted at top of screen by sig strength
call in & out succeded not great but was understandable audio---NO ring-tone on call out (Frustrating)
Text test one text out one text in,  both worked
call-in did ring.
Both phones on AT&T network.
I did check for updates before testing

Can we perhaps shorten 'Community Edition Convergence Package'  to something like '3rd gen, 3g'  ?
Sometimes it is important to describe the phone accurately but the above is 35 characters not counting spaces.
( I guess you could call it 4th gen., if you count Dont be Evil)  ?

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