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So Sunday my PMOS Convergent Pkg phone was working satisfactory.

This morning I was having trouble calling out,   when it did call out there was no ring-tone on the handset,   and when I called in from another phone there
was no voice audio in ether direction.

I checked in the Software store and there were updates available,    I downloaded those, and tried again  ...  Nothing
>> But after a reboot,   there is now ring-tone again on the handset calling out,     and audio is once again working.

Not sure why it quit,  after it was working ?
But the "Updates"  Did bring it back to life.

 Thank you PMOS Developers for those updates !

Factory install,  running from the eMMC    (TracFone/AT&T PrePaid sim card)
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I am seeing a lot of posts about very poor audio on the recent PMOS on the new phones.

(Seems) Every one of them has mentioned turning on the SSH and the encryption.

I skipped turning on those features,  as I was only "testing" my new phone,
but I have not had all the same problems that they have listed.



The most recent updates for this image, had some updates from their repository,
The sound is not great but legible, sounds like it has the 'gain' turned up a bit high.
The audio is a kernel issue with the audio formats not being exactly right between the modem and the SoC, it's not affected by the rest of the software choises.
Is the kernel issue still unresolved?

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