Which interface(s) do you use on the PinePhone?
Ubuntu Touch (UBports)
Plasma Mobile (postmarketOS, KDE Neon or Manjaro)
Phosh (postmarketOS, Mobian, Fedora, openSUSE, NixOS, Arch, Manjaro or PureOS)
Hildon (postmarketOS or Maemo Leste)
Lipstick + Silica (Sailfish OS)
Glacier (Nemo Mobile)
Luna Next (LuneOS)
Mate (postmarketOS or AVMultiPhone)
Android (GloDroid)
Other (XFCE, LXDE, JWM, OpenBox, i3wm, Kodi, Sway, Sxmo, command line, etc.)
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Poll: Interface used on the PinePhone
(09-05-2020, 05:43 PM)amosbatto Wrote: Interesting that nobody is using Sailfish OS or LuneOS. They are both reportedly very good interfaces.

I would be interested in hearing why people prefer a particular interface over the others.

So far it appears that Phosh is the most used interface. Is that just because it has the best battery life, or are there other reasons?

I do really like Phosh and have switched between Mobian/Manjaro/PureOS mostly.

What I like about Phosh: Battery life and simplicity of using the Phosh interface is nice. Apps are easily navigated without much needed from the user (open apps show at top while looking through your app icons, instead of swiping around). You can always see what you are working with as you view your app icons. It just works.

I gravitated to Pinephone as a longtime fan of Linux. Having it on my phone is just that much more convenient for Linux tasks/testing/ssh'ing between servers.

I am now playing with Sailfish. There is a 'flash-it' script doing the entire process for you- select your model, it downloads the right build, preps the sdcard and flashes. Very simple for anyone to try out: https://github.com/sailfish-on-dontbeevil/flash-it

Sailfish is very nice, pretty, and a very smooth experience so far. But the interface does take a bit of getting used to (just installed it mere hours ago). The issue from latest build for SailfishOS: sim card not detected. There is a fix for this (I have not applied it yet): https://github.com/sailfish-on-dontbeevi...l/50/files

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