PostmarketOS is my favorite so far. Question about USB Switch mod of UBPorts Edition.
Low idle CPU usage is the main selling point for me.

I'm running it on the UBPorts (Not a fan at all) version. I did the USB switch mod on the PCB, will we have support for usb devices in the future on this version of the phone?

Thanks for your hard work everyone!
They are supported. Smile
PMOS kernel 5.7.0 has anx driver but lacks firmware. If it is your case check
I have compiled extra drivers for my dongles and everything works Smile
I have only tried UT and Mobian.
Now, I am only using Mobian. As a Debian user, I like the style, and it is more advanced than UT.
Based on activity on the Forum it looks Mobian is the most used.

Mmmm why PMOS is your favorite?

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