USB-C hw mod tested
Feeling megi proximity I have got enough bravery to follow instructions to test OTG on PinePhone v1.2 (hw mod).
I have to say it WORKS!!! Big Grin
  • The longest part was to unscrew cca 15 little screws. Wink
  • Remove (unsolder) faulty pieces.
  • Put Ondřej's prebaked kernel with modules and u-boot config.
  • Put frimware and init it.
Voilà! USB-hub and mini-keyboard are working right away. Smile
As I didn't find any third party confirmation about proposed sequence is complete and correct, I here by confirm it works.
@Luke you may count Prague is covered. Wink
Note: with Ondřej's kernel I observe minor side effects at least with SXMO: battery driver reporting behavior changed, some scripts/programs with hardcoded ttySn got confused, USB-net doesn't start on boot.
Good news pmOS 5.7.0 kernel has anx driver!
Bad news it lacks firmware. Neither in kernel nor in separate package. And when I tried to upload OJ firmware kernel hanged and never loaded anymore...
Until I uploaded the firmware with OJ 5.8 kernel and playing with u-boot accidentally loaded 5.7.0 again. This time anx works as expected including USB-net. Wink

Now I'd like to build a driver for my USB dongle. But I can't find sources for pmOS 5.7.0 kernel. If anyone knows where I can find sources and .config for pmOS kernel please let me know.

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