sxmo image Verizon calls and SMS work!
I just installed the latest sxmo image... and phone calls and SMS work under Verizon...! 

I thought they weren’t working under regular Phosh/postmarketOS.... but maybe it was just a configuration issue?

Anyone have any insights?
Which version are they installing on the newest Community Edition phone ?
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Yes, I installed
on the Ubuntu CE PinePhone.
Call and SMS work fine for me on regular postmarketOS with Phosh. Make sure you have the "wys-pinephone" package installed.
It would be really useful to have a ReadMe (e.g., in the wiki) for setting up the PinePhone to work with Verizon. It could cover topics such as what Verizon's agents need to know, what files need to be added, etc.

Well, go ahead and add it. The wiki is made by the community, anyone can edit and improve it. I have no clue what to do for Verizon and why it is so weird that it needs special configuration, but others probably do so they can add it to the wiki just fine. Preferably though it doesn't need manual configuration and we can package it up properly.
Cool! I've started a page, but it's mostly a placeholder:

If some folks who have actual clues on the topic will add some information, I'll be happy to wordsmith the results as they develop.

On a related note, aside from the main page of the wiki, I haven't been able to find anything like an index page. Am I missing something? Should I add links to any pages I add to the main page? Inquiring gnomes need to mine...

(07-19-2020, 05:00 AM)PureTryOut Wrote: Call and SMS work fine for me on regular postmarketOS with Phosh. Make sure you have the "wys-pinephone" package installed.

This used to work for me but on the latest postmarketOS phosh image that’s no longer sufficient it seems. Is there anything else needed to make SMS work these days?

Thank you.
No, works out of the box for me. "wys-pinephone" is only needed for calls btw, it's required to automatically switch audio setups and such.

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