PinePhone - VAT in order

I want to order one Pinephone but there is VAT $42 for Hongkong in my order. I'm from Czech republic from EU. Will I pay the VAT twice (Hongkong and Czech republic)? Or how does it work with VAT? I don't want to pay the VAT twice.
No, you are charged for your local VAT when Living in EU. I guess it is just an oversight, that it says Hong Kong.
So the vat in the pre-order matches the one for China to HK?
I wanted to search for VAT in the forum but you can't search on less than 4 characters.
No, it matches the VAT in your home country, which PINE64 will pay for you,
so you don't get a very high fee to pay it yourself.
Thanks, so I really misunderstood Smile
If I understood correctly, the Vat is only for who live within the UE, basically due the fact that they will ship to us the phone through a warehouse in Poland, so from the Ue they will charge the Vat on purchase, we will not pay any additional vat or importation fee.
Oh, is this new? Or does only the PinePhone benefit from this "from inside EU" shipping?

Because I had to pay a lot of customs duties and DHL service charges on my Pinebook Pro order here in Portugal Sad
Yes, it's new. It was introduced in July

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